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(Added May 18/12) If I had it to do over, I would NOT deal with LifeStation.  They are definitely in the business for all the money they can get and will bill you for more than they are due when you terminate. The only person I've talked to has been rude and disrespectful.  I never received the return shipping label that they said would be emailed to me.  Finally, I paid the shipping myself just to get rid of it.  DO NOT DEAL WITH LIFESTATION.
(Added May 18/12) We had this service for 5 months and fortunately never needed to activate it.  However, I think that their advertising is deceptive regarding the free shipping and cancellation policies.  We were charged $30 for "expedited" shipping that was not disclosed when I ordered it.  I was merely told that they would have it to my address in 3 days, no mention of extra shipping charges.
Now that we have cancelled the service and returned the unit, we are charged for an extra month, the explanation for that is that we needed to give a 30 day cancellation notice.  Again, that may be in the fine print somewhere but certainly not how it is presented on their website.
All in all, we received 5 months of coverage for a cost of 7 months.  That isn't the bargain that their website promises.
(Added May 6/11) On the review added Mar.11/11. I would like to know how they just pushed a button and was told they just purchased the service and then getting billed for it!? How would they know who you are or better yet your credit card number without you giving it to them. I think you need to do your home work before you start making false charges against any company.
(Added Mar 11/11) I selected a button on their website to get the actual cost and suddenly I was told that I purchased the service. This was without a confirmation alert! I was attempting to price the product and needed to provide all information before they gave a bottom line quote. I called customer service immediately, and was assured that the order was canceled, and that no charges would incur. Then about a month later I noticed charges on my credit card. I called again and told to call back during business hours (EST). Since I am PST this was a challenge. I called again about a week later and was informed by customer service that they had no record of my previous calls or cancellations. I still have no commitment as to how my credit card will be credited and decided to dispute the charge formally from my credit card. I don't want them to string me along until after the 60 day limit to dispute the charge. Given this negative impression, I would not choose this company. There are many similar systems out there and have decided to do business with another company. Buyer Beware!
(Added Mar 8/11) I purchased Lifestation for my father-in-law about a year ago. He used it a couple of times with great response. It was a necessary service for him. Recently he has moved to a nursing home. I called and cancelled the service. I was told a label would be sent out to ship product back in the original box. I was charged for a full months service 1-10 thru 2-10 and prorated for the next month because of a 30 day charge after the company recieves the product back. I am not pleased about paying for a months worth of unused service especially when the company has the returned product. I was unaware of this stipulation when purchasing the services.
(Added Jan 29/11) We signed up with Life Station Medical Alert for my Mother.  She had fallen a few times and we decided if she was to be able to live independently, she needed Life Station.  Life Station was the only one we found who would call the family members first before calling 911.  Since we live in such a remote area, it would take 911 emergency services over 1 hr. to reach my Mother, and we could be at her house in less than 15 minutes.  We were extremely pleased with the service we received from Life Station.  They answered the emergency calls within 60 seconds, were very polite, stayed on the line with my Mother when she fell, and would call her back to let her know of progress and who would be coming to her house.  My mother recently passed away, and when we returned the speaker box, we even received a refund on an unused monthly payment.  We would recommend Life Station to everyone.  It was affordable, and it gave my Mother comfort knowing someone was coming to help her.
(Added Jan 15/11) Customer service at Life Station apparently will tell customers anything to make a sale.  I asked if a landline phone was necessary because I don't have one, and after being put on hold, she asked me if I had internet service.  I said "yes" and was then told it would work.  After it arrived and following directions word for word, it failed to work so I called their customer service.  Given different directions I tried again and it stilled failed to work.  On my third call to customer service I was told I needed a landline phone for it to work.  The first three customer service representatives gave me completely false information before the fourth one told me the facts.  With service like that, I wouldn't trust their system if my life depended on it -- oh, it does.
(Added Jan 8/11) LifeStation customer service is excellent. My mother requested this type of monitoring, and I have to say, it was easy to set up; any issues were quickly and courteously resolved; and when my mother fell ill and had to request help; an ambulance was on the way immediately and we were all notified before the ambulance had taken Mom to the hospital.  I would recommend LifeStation to anyone.
(Added Oct 24/10) This company is fantastic!!!  They are always there when my mother accidently pushes the button.  They are kind, patient and so very helpful.  I highly recomend this company to anyone who's parent is living alone and you can't always be there for them.  Life Station is the next best thing.  Thank you all so much for looking after my mother.  Sincerely, Karen Johnson
(Added July 25/10) My 86 year-old mother fell in her apartment two months ago and hit her head on a piece of furniture and cut an artery right above her right eye. She was bleeding profusely and was able to get to the phone to call an ambulance. Right after she came back from the hospital, we signed her up for Life Station. I live in the West Coast and my mother and sister live on the East Coast.  We chose Life Station because it didn't require a 3 yr. contract; it was inexpensively priced and the operators are employees of Life Station not outsourced. Also, if there was a problem with the equipment, we could return it and exchange it for another one.  When we tried setting the equipment up, it was a little more complicated than described, but my sister called customer service and they walked her through the set-up.  There was a problem with my bill for the second month, however, Life Station had caught the problem and the bill reflected a credit of the overcharge.

A month later, my mother was having a bad reaction to a medication for arthritis and she could not get out of her chair.  She thought that if she slid down onto the floor, she might be able to have better leverage than from a sitting position and now she was stuck on the floor. She kept debating whether to press the button on her bracelet or not, looking at the transmitter. She said that her finger kept going toward the button and she finally got the courage to press it and asked Life Station to call my sister, who was able to get to the house and help my mom off the floor.

My mother almost canceled the system because a senior in her apartment complex criticized it, saying that it only worked inside the apartment. Both times my mother has fallen have been while in the apartment. We especially wanted to make sure that if she fell in the bathroom that the unit would pick up the signal. We tested it and it did. I am so glad that my mother didn't cancel the system. It worked the way it was supposed to. Thank you Life Station!
(Added May 20/10) I got this for my parents.  It was easy to connect, and worked well except when the electricity was off, so I would recommend a battery backup.  The service worked very well and enabled my father to stay in his home longer that he would have been able to otherwise.  I did find it a little unusual that in taking care of my father's final affairs, LifeStation was the only company I called that did not express condolence for my loss.
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