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(Added May 6/11) When I first called Lifefone I talked to a real person, not a voice message. I can't recall the persons name but he was very nice and helpful. I called several other competiotrs and overwhelmingly chose Lifefone.

After receiving the unit, it was simple to setup. We have not had to use the emergency button yet but my dad who is 81 wears it on his arm all the time.

(Added Jan 29/11) The nurse who sells you this service is great, until after the sale.  Had some trouble activating the service and she was not very patient with the caregiver who was helping my father activate the LifeFone.  Keeping in mind he is visually impaired.   After a second try, the gentleman who came on the phone was very helpful and respectful. Ten days later my father had to push the pendant button.  Service immediately responded, 911 was called, and the paramedics came quickly.  Another hour may have meant he would not have survived, so our family is grateful for the quick response. 

Now, the disappointment.  No one listed as contacts to call were contacted by LifeFone.  My father had come close to passing away.  He called his caregiver, and she called me, the daughter, and I called everyone else.  Someone dropped the ball at LifeFone.  So be sure that after you activate your service, that LifeFone has also processed the profile information.  It know it must be difficult to manage staff members who let things slip through the cracks.  Good help is hard to find.  Like anything else, double check to make sure EVERYTHING else is in place.  The elderly don't think of these things, and many cannot do this for themselves, so someone needs to follow up for them.  With the elderly population growing, it is even more important to take this precautionary step.  These medical alarm service providers are probably overloaded with cases to manage.  The owners of this company seem to be very personally interested in their "patients" and want to provide quality service.  Unfortunately, we just had a bad experience, no fault of the owners themselves.

(Rubuttal from LifeFone, Added May 6, 2011)
We're sorry we didn't see this review earlier and respond to you earlier though I do believe that we have talked via phone. First of all, we are very sorry for the issues you describe here.  Having anything fall through the cracks isn't the norm nor is it acceptable!

Buying a medical alert system is something that is very personal and sometimes an emotional decision. It's our job to help you navigate the process in a pleasant and patient manner. We take your trust in us very seriously and thank you for you choosing us!

Thank you for your review and let us know if you there is anything else we can do to help!
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