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(Added May 18/12) Phillips was very fast in providing information on their system when it was requested, their salesman provided all the information needed and they gave us time to review the information and make our decission to go with their system.  In other words, they were responsive, informative, and there was no pressure to inmediately buy into their system.

Once we sign into the system, the equipment arrived promptly, installation was very easy, we selected the system with the wireless phone.  The system sort of guided ourself in how to setup the equipment.  The manual was also informative.

Testing the system we get very fast response.  We later ordered the external speaker to place in the other end of the house and their technical staff was very prompt and helpfull in guiding us in how to add this equipment to our setup.

Other benefits are the auto alert that give us added peace of mind, we plan to use the equipment in the states and Puerto Rico, and they can communicate with us in English and Spanish.

So far very pleased with the equipment, service, support and the features offered.  Will highly recommend.
(Added May 6/11) I was contacted on 4/8/11 by Lifeline  to check on my neighbor whose medical alert signal had been received by Lifeline.  When I checked and found her to be OK, I phoned the number Lifeline had given me to report.  I was kept on hold for 10 minutes.  When I finally spoke to someone, he put me on hold again while he tried to find her case information.  When I gave him the file number that the original Lifeline caller had given me, he still could find no record for my neighbor and put me on hold for a third time, at which time I hung up and contacted my neighbor to recommend a change of service.
(Added May 6/11)Philips Lifeline has been mis-represented on this site. They do not cut into your phone calls,they are not rude, and they have the best equipment and service. That is why all these other companies have copied them!

The Auto - Alert button also is amazing advanced technology! If a person cannot press their button for help and they have fallen- then the button will send the signal for help! CHeck it out!

If you forget to test your button once a month (in ordedr to make sure the phone lines are working properly and the voice to voice is clear, they will remind you to test.

Lifeline saved my Mom's life last October when I was away and then notified me that she was in the hospital, so I have nothing but great things to say. When her battery in her button started to get low after 6 years, they sent her a new button. She did not have to do anything. They take care of everything.

The lady that has the Medication Dispenser for her family member obviously did not want to take responsibility for loading the medication cups in the Med dispenser incorrectly and so blamed LIfeline. When the system is installed a caregiver (the daughter in this case) is taught how to load it. When there is a problem, such as the person not pressing the button to dispnse the meds or a malfunction, the caregiver is notified in order to fix the problem. This is part of the whole idea - that a caregiver is involved. It would be very costly to send a tech every time there was a little problem. As I stated before - she most likely loaded the cups wrong in the 1st place and blamed Lifeline not herself.

(Added May 6/11) My father had the lifeline medical alert system. I wasn't that impressed with it. He wasn't wearing it (not their fault), but I thought the system was supposed to be able to detect if he fell for a period of time. My father did fall, couldn't get up and was on the floor for some time until my nephew happened to come by. But the really bad experience has been with trying to return the equipment after his death. Twice during the three weeks I was in town taking care of things we requested a return label and box. Neither time did they send it to us, despite saying they would. When I returned home, as the contact person I had a phone message from a *different company* that handles the returns. When we had called Lifeline, they never told us we had to call someone else to get the return labels etc. They also never told us that someone could come by and pick it up. Now the equipment and I are in different states. Thanks a lot Lifeline - for bad customer service.
(Added Feb 12/11) I order the med dispenser for my father who lives alone. I live two hours away from him. I received a call from my father saying the machine wasn't dispensing his meds. I called Phillips and was told it was my responsibility to fix the problem. I had someone go to my father's house and fix the problem, which was a cup got jammed in the unit. Well, again two days later the unit breaks down again. My sister called on a Saturday and was told we do not have any one available on the weekends to assist you. My father had to go with out his medication once again. I would not rent this machine from philips ever again. There support is terrible and all you get is sorry. If you want your loved one to go without there meds then by all means rent the MED DISPENSER FROM PHILLIPS.
(Added Oct 24/10) The purpose why Lifeline Systems was devised is to ensure the safety of the elderly, especially those older adults who already become quite weak due to their old age. Obviously, the availability of a device such as Personal Emergency Response System is an answered prayer to many people out there. Unfortunately, it cannot be denied that Lifeline Systems remain imperfect.

The PERS manufactured by Lifeline Systems has obvious limitations. For one, it doesn't have the capability to ensure the safety of the user if he is outside of his house where PERS was installed. An elderly cannot convey what he needs if trouble happens outside of his house because of his distance. Worse, the signal from outside has the possibility to be blocked by the construction of the residence especially if it is an apartment or condominium. This then can result to the failure of PERS to provide the needed assistance of the elderly. This simply denotes that in order to keep the elderly safe, it is best for him to stay within the house. And that is quite horrible! The elderly should not be limited inside of their home.

Because freedom is also the right of the elderly, the perfect device that should be given to them to ensure their safety is Just5 phone. Just5 phone is a mobile phone, but it's not just a plain mobile phone, this can as function as PERS as well. Hence, an elderly who has this device never lose his ability to take a walk outside, go to a supermarket or meet his friends in a park. For sure, all of the elderly will opt to have the functionality offered by this device.

Additionally, Just5 phone is not as expensive as PERS. This one does not charge a monitoring fee and only requires one-time payment, which is $119.99. Lifeline Systems costs $35 to $40 for each month plus the $53 installation fee. So Just5 phone is the smartest choice as this performs multiple functions without hurting the purse of the buyer.
(Added July 25/10) I have worked with Philips Lifeline for a long time. I am sorry some have had a bad experience. As someone posted when you call the 1-800 # ask them if there is a local program. In most cases there are at least two if not more and each local program sets their own fees based on their needs. I have never heard of them "breaking in" to a phone call, and yes from time to time they will call the subscriber IF he/she hasn't tested their button. The newer units will play a prerecorded message if the subscriber hasn't tested their button in 31 or 32 days. This will only happen when the person uses their phone. I think the fact Lifeline has been in the business since 1974, developed the personal response service and does not require a long term contract goes a long way to show they are the best.
(Added July 23/10) We purchased the Lifeline for our mother who lives in a remote area in the country- 10 miles from the nearest town. The range of the button alarm is excellent- it functioned from the mailbox (50 yards from the house) to behind the "back shed"(150 yards). The speaker system can pick up faint conversation even from her back bathroom-the speaker box is at the opposite end of the house. But we will install a second "voice box" soon anyway. We purchased this system directly from Phillips; we encountered nothing but professional behavior from both the sales representative (who was not pushy)and from the responders who answer when the button/a call is activated. I work in discharge planning in a large regional hospital and this seems to be one of the better systems I have seen. What I especially like is the direct communication that is possible; we tried a modem-type dial system on my grandmother's phone years ago but all it would do was to dial and give a pre-recorded message.
(Added May 20/10) Very Disappointed!!! First of all after ordering I received my unit with in a week, but it took over 3 weeks to get the auto alert necklace. Even after speaking to them 6 different times within a 2 week period and they all told me it would be over nighted every time i called. Custemer service sucks, they are rude, not willing to help. Then after being told they would waive all fees including the first month service fee for waiting so long on the necklace, THEY TAKE $75.00 OUT OF MY ACCOUNT WITH OUT EVEN ASKING! I think I'm gonna cancel and go with another company!!!
(Added May 18/10) I have used Philips Lifeline for my 80 year old mom for about 6 months, and I am very happy.  My mom's problem is progressive dementia, which presents difficult problems for the Lifeline emergency people:
1.  When they talk to her over their speakerphone, she may not be able to understand their questions or make a competent reply.  2.  She sometimes pressed the emergency button for no better reason than hearing people fighting outside the house or because she forgot how to operate the washing machine.

The first couple of times, Lifeline had to send emergency personnel.  After that, they understood that mom sometimes just needed one of her sons to visit her or soothe her fears.  I am sure this sort of service is not covered by their policies and procedures manual, but their people were always able to reason out the best way to help us in each situation.
I will soon discontinue the Lifeline service, as my mom now needs round-the-clock care, but I didn't want to do so without first posting this explanation.
(Added Feb 5/10) Lifeline cannot randomly cut into your phone conversations. And they cannot make the Lifeline go on without her pushing the button. Therefore, they cannot check if she ok. The most they can do is call, and if that's the case why can't you call yourself? I think you need to check your info. Lifeline is a great company. Other Med alert companies have to use commercials but lifeline actually gets recommended by physicians and hospitals. Many people do not like the price, but it is the best out there.
(Added Sept 10/09) We have installed a Philips Lifeline system for an assisted living complex and cannot get any tech support from Philips lifeline or thier vendor Home Technology Systems. I would never recommend using this system. They are lame and unprofessional.
(Added June 24/09) I am a physician and my patients use Phillips Lifeline and love it, It is reliable and there is no contract and it is very affordable. Only about 70-100$ one time fee, then about 40$/month depending on your zip code and can be cancelled at anytime. I ordered it for my elderly mother.
(Added Feb 8/09) Philips is one of the best companies out there. They offer top notch service and the costs they have quoted are wrong. They have local programs in most areas that can offer the service at a lower rate than going directly through Lifeline. If you call and say you want a local program to maintain it they can try and find one for you.
(Added Jan 28/09) I am very unhappy with life line. I needed them just to call and ask if she is ok. They said that they don't do that. I have been with life line for 5 years and this is the first time asking for this kind of help. I was also told by the person that i talked to that she had to push the button that was the only to talk to her. This is not true. I don't live that close to her. I have been their when they have called to see if she is ok. Also i have been on the phone with her and they have cut in to see if she is ok. Very disappointed I am not any longer going to use them.
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