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Rescue Alert. Please keep in mind that many of these medical alert providers have thousands of clients, and this is only a small sampling of the opinions of their customers.  If you have had a good or bad experience with Rescue Alert, we encourage you to submit your review.  If you represent this company, please feel free to submit a rebuttal.
(Added Mar 11/11) My Dad has been using Rescue Alert for almost 8 years. It is a great service and they have been wonderful on many occasions when unfortunately, my Dad has fallen and needed them. The only complaint that I have now is that the last time he called (after maybe using it once every couple or a few months for a fall) he was advised that he has used it too often and that they couldnt keep sending someone out to help him-- isnt that what your service is for??!!! They called my brother for him instead after a fall, and my Dad had to lie on the bathroom floor for 20 minutes waiting for my brother to make the drive into town.  We were unaware that there was a limit to their service.
(Added July 25/10) I have used Rescue Alert for over three years and have been extremely happy with their service.  They ensure the unit is tested monthly and on the few occasions where notification was necessary, they responded quickly and efficiently.  I recently switched the in house phone system to AT&T U-Verse and the Rescue Alert system would not work, however we worked with Rescue Alert and identified the issue.  A new box was overnight mailed and is functioning well.

Bottom line is this is a good company with fair pricing who works with the customer to identify and resolve issues and their system does work with U-Verse.
(Added Sept 10/09) My grandpa has had Rescue Alert for several years now.  He lives in a 3500+ square foot home and the Rescue Alert system is in the middle of the house.  I was amazed that they could hear him from his family room chair when he accidently pressed his button. They were so nice too, when they answered. After my grandpa kept apologizing for accidently pushing the button, the rep from Rescue Alert kept saying, "don't worry about it, I'm just glad everything is okay."  He says they're always that nice.  We're glad he hasn't ever needed to use it but we love knowing he has it in case he does need it.  If you are looking for some type of Alert system for a loved one, I don't think you could go wrong with Rescue Alert. Plus they had a 30 risk free trial when my grandpa signed up.
(Added July 19/08) We got a Rescue Alert for my mother-in-law 2 years ago.  I studied the other brands of units quite a bit before choosing the Rescue Alert.  It had what I considered to be a better back-up battery than the competing units - something that is important during power failures that last more than a few hours.  It also had a pendant that could trigger the alarm from a good distance outside her house, such as when she goes out to pick up the paper.  She has had to use the alarm twice and the Rescue Alert sent her help quickly and also informed us that she had called for help.

The Rescue Alert unit has very good sound range.  Even though the  unit is at the side of her bed on the second floor, they were able to hear her and she could hear them when she fell on the first floor.  If for some reason they were unable to hear her, they would send help no matter what.  She has triggered the alarm by accident a couple of times.  The Rescue Alert folks were very polite and don't mind a bit.  They just want to know you are ok.

The alarm has the capability to do automatic checks to make sure it is working.  However, we have chosen to disable this feature and do manual checks.  Rescue Alert calls during an appropriate time of day to make sure everything is working.   Overall, we have been very satisfied with Rescue Alert.
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